Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga focussed on healing.

Restorative Yoga brings you into a deep healing relaxation. It calms the nervous system and heals the negative results of (chronic) stress in body and mind.

The postures are seated or lying down and are held for a longer period of time (5 – 10 minutes or longer). While the body is fully supported with bolsters, cushions, blankets, and blocks.

Being supported everywhere creates the effect of being weightless. It slows down your breathing, brings your sensory perception at rest and lets you sink deeply into yourself. All of this gives you the experience of a much deeper relaxation than what you are used to or what you think is possible.

Yin & Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a form of Yin Yoga, but with a very different style and goal.

Both ways of yoga have in common that they are more gentle and passive and focussed on healing. That the poses are held for a longer period of time and that it brings you deeper into the body.

The difference between both forms of yoga is:

  • In Yin Yoga you consciously move to the edge of your comfort zone and stay in stretching and or compression. This might even be slightly (but doable) uncomfortable. You could say it is just a bit more of an active relaxation and meditation/mindfulness practice while being in a yoga pose.
  • In Restorative Yoga you consciously use so much support that there is no stretching or compression left anywhere. And this full support enables your body to experience being carried and becoming weightless. And let go and relax.

Both forms have their specific value in itself. But they also perfectly combine together. Both supporting and deepening each other.

Yin & Restorative Yoga Workshops

New!  Yin Restorative Yoga Workshop with the Seasons of the year.

Every season of the year is connected with a specific Element (out of the 5 elements of TCM) and a specific meridian/organ pair. In these workshops we will deeper into this. And you will learn how to keep yourself healthy and in balance with specific Yin and Restorative Yoga postures, breathing, directing the subtle energy, meditations and self-inquiry.

Every workshop is a theme in itself. So the workshops can be attended separately.

The next upcoming one is:

Saturday January 18 | 14.00 – 17.00

 Rest & Reflection

Winter – Kidneys/Urinary Bladder – Water

Kidneys (Yin) and Urinary Bladder (Yang) meridians and organs are connected with the Winter season and the Water element. When energy pulls itself deep inside into its core. This period marks the end of a cycle and is at the same time a new beginning. It asks for rest, slowing down, deepening, reflection and transformation.

The power of kidneys-urinary bladder-water-winter is the power of Going with the Flow. Soft but firm, with a strong perseverence that is still flexible.

The Kidneys are the source and the basis of your energy and also of the balance between Yin and Yang in general. They are the home of you prenatal energy. This energy contains the blueprint of who you really are and who you can become (like the blueprint in the seeds of plants and trees) and your strength to live and survive. They also form the basis of your sexual energy. And apart from fertility they also govern the bones, the (bone) merrow and the teeth, the brain, the hair and ears and the flexibility of the spine.

When kidneys/urinary bladder -water- energy is strong enough and in balance you have a strong connection within your core. It is clear who you are and what the essence of your life is about (or what it should be about). You can feel (not think!) and listen deep within yourself to who you are, what you want and what is good for you. Trusting yourself , your life and life in general.

We will go into a longer series of Yin and Restorative postures, together with breathing, visualistion, meditation and self-inquiry on the specific topics. This way you can explore and experience for yourself how it is all related and how it works within yourself.

March 21: Spring – Liver/Gallbladder – Detox & New Beginnings – Wood

? May: Heart/Small Intestines – Love & Passion – Fire Element – Summer.

For more information and registration see Agenda.