Yin Yoga

Works on the suppleness of connective tissues and joints

Yin Yoga works on the suppleness of connectie tissues and joints. The postures are mainly done seated and lying down and held for a longer period of time (3-5 min). In order to let you sink deeper into your body. And in this way giving deeper held tensions an invitation to unwind

Strengthens the life force in the basis

Because a lot of these yin postures work in the area of the pelvis, hips, sacrum and lower back, the flexibility and flow of energy in these areas is enhanced. Thus strengthening the life force in the basis of the body.

Vitalising Meridians and Organs

The postures also work on specific meridians (energy lines) and the organen that are connected with them. Thus balancing and vitalising your whole body and energy system.

Meditation and Mindfulness

From a state of relaxation you feel, notice, observe, are aware of what is going on within you, not only physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual. In other words you could say that it is a way of practicing mindfulness within a yoga posture.

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The effect of Yin Yoga

Apart from general effects already mentioned at Yoga Yin Yoga works more specific and deeper on

  • Optimal energy flow in meridians and organs
  • Softness and flexibility of connective tissues
  • Lubrication and flexibility of joints
  • Conscious awareness (mindfulness)
  • Freeing blockages that are stored deeper in the body

Yin and Yang in yoga

Yin and Yang are intertwined by nature and complement each other.Yang: dynamic, rhythmic, strengthening and toning muscles. Yin: static, slow, relaxing muscles, softening and toning connective tissues, lubricating joints.

Yoga is always a combination of both. But you can vary your focus, according to what your body, mind and energy need.

Yin yoga restores balance

Our western way of living is highly Yang orientated (focus on ratio, performance, multi-tasking, doing, high speed). And so is usually our western way of practicing yoga (focus on physical performance and perfection). This takes us out of balance. And can even lead to chronic stress related symptoms like headaches, back problems, depression and burn-out.

  • The natural solution for negative side effect of a too much Yang oriented way of living or yoga practice.
  • Easy accessible training in mindfulness (awareness while being in a yoga pose)
  • A firm foundation deeper in the body that reduces tress and makes you aware of your boundaries.
  • A way of doing yoga that honors and benefits the natural rhythms of women (for more information on this topic click here)
  • Grounding, strengt and vitality in the pelvic floor (also for men!)

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